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International Telematics

Company background

What we do

International Telematics specialises in the design and manufacture of Telematic solutions for companies with remote assets such as road vehicles (cars, trucks, vans, buses), refrigerated containers, heavy haulage, and off road trucks.

Our products capture information about the performance and status of these assets as they go about their day to day duties. The technology operates in real time, so management teams can make timely and informed decisions to help run their businesses.

This information is used by companies to manage vehicle health and safety compliance, identify drivers who may need more training, improve fuel efficiencies and optimise usage of vehicles potentially reducing operating costs.

Why is International Telemetrics Different?

Internationally there are many companies selling just G.P.S. tracking solutions. Only a handful of companies have attempted to build hardware that will provide more sophisticated information about the vehicle and the driver. An even smaller group have accomplished this successfully in an affordable product.

We feel our Technology solution is unique. A number of large fleet operators around the globe now agree with us and International Telematics technology is being rolled out in vehicle fleets around the world.

The Smart Solution

International Telematics ibright™ solution is an intelligent technology far more powerful than standard telemetry solutions.

Standard telemetry tends to capture and send data without applying logic or intelligence to what is being sent. ibright™ has the ability to perform calculations within its in-vehicle hardware and send more relevant answers to customers business questions.

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